Associate Program


We have developed a culture of honesty, integrity, trust and friendship. With the support of each other the possibilities of growth in our careers are endless…

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Associate Program

Our Associate Program is a comprehensive hands-on experience that provides training in the areas of technical skill, guest handling and business building. Our Associates work with one dedicated service provider to grow into a career hairdresser. Like our service providers, our Associate Program has a performance based level system. There are 4 levels. Each level has specific skill sets that are the focus of training for that level only. With each level jump there is a raise in hourly wage and the opportunity to move up to the next level. The salon provides an environment for growth, learning and support. It is our commitment that every associate graduates from our program with a seamless transition from associate to stylist with the skills necessary for success in our industry. We are always on the lookout for potential associates with a passion, eagerness to learn and a willingness to be trained and coached.

We are currently seeking associates who are interested in building their passion at Sherry Mesa The Salon. If that is you, please complete the form below. Thank you.