Introducing Nutrafol Vitamins for both Men and Women!

Nutrafol Vitamins now available at Sherry Mesa The Salon $88 Most basic hair vitamins, like biotin, are merely addressing nutritional deficiencies—and that’s simply not enough. New science proves hair loss occurs due to an accumulation of causes–inflammation, stress, hormones, as well as genetics–requiring a more sophisticated, multi-targeting solution. Leveraging the latest in biotechnology, Nutrafol’s nutraceutical … Read more

Enjoy Summer With Us!

Cancer Survivor Beauty & Support Day WE PROUDLY SUPPORT Cancer Survivor Beauty and Support Day Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 Please make your complimentary appointment. For more information about this day, click the image Let’s Stay Cool This Summer! We will be offering fresh Iced Lemonade or Sun Tea for our guests all summer long! Happy … Read more